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Fix Broken Outlook PST File

Unable to access your attributes from MS Outlook after corruption of PST file?

Repair broken PST file on Outlook with Microsoft Outlook PST repair software

Recover lost/deleted emails along with Contacts, Calendar, Items, Notes, Journals, RSS Feeds, Appointments etc. from corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file

Best Way to Repair Broken Outlook PST File

MS Office Outlook is an emailing platform used worldwide to execute business communication properly and achieve a smooth communication over organization or for personal purpose. It allows us to create uninterrupted communication over network and offers various facilities by managing contact details, appointments, notes, calendar and other information. All these Outlook information including different emails are stored in a special file called PST file. There are different factors that can be the reason of anxiety when you cannot access your emails or any other information on Outlook. If the PST file is broken or corrupted due to any reason, you will get various errors if you try to open the PST file. To get rid of such circumstances, you need a third party application like Repair Outlook PST File software that is specially designed to fix corrupt PST file in plenty of circumstances.

Before repair of broken PST file, know the common reasons that can make your PST file broken:

  • PST File Header Corruption: Header of any file includes all important information about that file and used to access it by OS. Header of PST file may be corrupted because improper closing of Outlook, virus infection etc. After corruption of header, that PST file become inaccessible and you lose all information from your Outlook. Then use this application to repair outlook PST file after corruption.

  • Oversized PST File: In every version of Outlook, size of PST file is predefined. If total size of emails and all other Outlook data exceeds the maximum limit, PST file will be broken. Up to Outlook 2002 PST file size limit is 2 GB. If total size exceeds that limit, PST file will be broken. To fix broken outlook PST file with ease follow this link: http://www.repairoutlookpst.net/repair-pst-file-2gb-file-size.html

  • Sharing of PST File over Internet: In different business organization, many use can share single PST file over internet and during simultaneous updatation in PST file, it may be corrupted occasionally. Besides that, PST file may also be corrupted due to improper achieving. Then, employ this tool to fix broken Outlook PST file effortlessly.

  • Some Other Reasons: Apart from these reasons, you may lose access to your Outlook profile after improper upgradation of MS Outlook, bad sector on the disk where PST file is stored, faulty network connection etc. In such cases, you will get error message if you try to access the PST file. Then, utilize this trustworthy application to fix such broken PST file error in simple tips.

Irrespective of the reasons, you can use this effective software to repair damaged PST files. With the help of this application, you can fix broken Outlook PST file that is not repaired by Scanpst utility. This Repair Outlook PST software will allow you to fix damaged PST created on office 2003, 2000, 2007, and 2010. You can fix broken Outlook PST file on almost all versions of Windows computer and can save in your required location. With repair of broken PST, it can also recovers all its contents such as emails, notes, contacts, RSS feed, Journals etc. that are deleted from PST file. If you need any help to recover journals and contacts from Outlook, follow this link: http://www.repairoutlookpst.net/recover-journals-and-contacts.html

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Easy Steps to Fix Broken Outlook PST File:

Step 1: Install demo version of this Outlook PST repair application on your system and after launching it you can see the home screen with three options as shown in figure 1. Select appropriate option from here.

Fix Broken Outlook PST File - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Here, you have to "Browse" the broken PST file that you need to repair and then click on "Next".

Broken PST File Repair - Select Broken PST File

Figure 2: Select Broken PST File

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Step 3: After successfull completion of repair operation, you can see all Outlook data in the repiared PST file as shown in figure 3.

Repair Damaged PST File - Recovered Outlook Items

Figure 3: Recovered Outlook Items


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