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Repair pst file corrupted due to 2GB file size limit

Have you lost your important emails due to pst file coruption after it exceeded the 2GB file size limit?

Repair Outlook pst software lets you repair the corrupted pst file easily

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Repair pst file corrupted due to 2GB file size limit

Email management has not been easier in recent times, especially with a powerful email client like Microsoft Outlook, which lets users to create multiple accounts and manage each account with ease. This email client also lets the user manage his mails by letting him customize folders based on his requirements. Though these features make Microsoft Outlook very helpful, there are some drawbacks with the older versions of Outlook.


One of the main drawbacks of older versions of Outlook is the limitation of the pst file size. The newer versions of Outlook that is from Outlook 2003 onwards have a maximum file size limit of 20 GB for the pst file. This is because, they store data in the Unicode format. In Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions, the pst file size is limited to 2 GB and the files are stored in the ANSI format.


For regular Outlook users, this limited file size could mean trouble, as the pst file is likely to exceed the 2 GB file size in no time. Once the 2 GB file size limit is reached, the performance of Outlook gets reduced considerably resulting in slowing down of Outlook. If the user continues using Outlook even after the pst file has exceeded its maximum size, there are high chances of the pst file getting corrupted, leading to loss of valuable and important emails. Outlook does provide an Inbox Repair Tool called Scanpst.exe, but this tool cannot be of much use, when the damage to the pst file is severe. There are also applications using which you can truncate your pst file, but this again could lead to loss of emails.


To avoid loss of important and confidential emails, it is advised that you make use of a professional pst repair tool. Repair Outlook pst software lets you repair PST files on Outlook easily. This software not only supports recovery of emails from the corrupted pst file, but also lets you recover other important Outlook data like folders, contacts, appointments etc. This tool can also repair Outlook Archive PST broken after errors due to abnormal termination of MS Outlook application. Make a click here: http://www.repairoutlookpst.net/file-in-office-2007.html if you wish to repair outlook.pst file that is created in Office 2007.


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You can follow the steps given below to repair PST file corrupted due to 2 GB file size limit,


Step 1: Double click the desktop shortcut, or select the icon from the Programs list to launch Outlook Mail Recovery software. The Main window of the software is displayed with three different options i.e., "Open PST File", "Find PST File" and "Select Outlook Profile" as shown in Figure a.


Repair Outlook pst - Home Screen

Figure a : Main Window


Step 2: Click "Open PST File" button, if you know the location of the PST file. To search for a PST file, click "Find PST File" button and to select a PST file based on the different Outlook profiles, click the "Select Outlook Profile" button.


Step 3: Select the "Open PST File" option from the options available in the Main window. The new window lets you browse for the PST file that is to be repaired. Click the "Browse" button and select the appropriate PST file that is to be repaired and click "Next" as shown in Figure b


Repair Outllok pst - Select pst file

Figure b : Select PST File


Note: If you selected the "Find PST File" option from the Main Window, select the drive / partition on which the corrupted PST file is located and click "Find" to search for the PST file . If you clicked the "Select Outlook Profile" option, select the appropriate PST file from the ones listed with respect to their profiles.


Step 4: Once you click "Next", a new window where the scan type and the destination path to save the repaired PST file is to be selected is displayed. Select the "Normal Scan" option, specify the destination path and then click "Repair" as shown in Figure c. If the PST file is damaged extensively and "Normal Scan" is not giving the desired results, utilize the "Smart Scan" option


Repair Outlook pst - Select Scan method and destination drive

Figure c : Select Scan Option and Destination Path


Step 5: Once you click the "Repair" button, the software repairs the PST file corrupted due to 2 GB file size limit, and recovers all the Outlook data into a new PST file in the selected destination drive. The restored PST file is similar to the original PST file. All the recovered emails are loaded in the main window of the application, as shown in Figure d.


Repair Outlook pst - Recovered Outlook data

Figure d : Recovered Outlook Data


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