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Repair pst file corrupted due to incomplete archiving

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Repair pst file corrupted due to incomplete archiving

The pst file is basically a database that stores all the entities of Outlook along with the indexes that point to these entities. When we delete an item present in Outlook, it is only the pointers to that Outlook item that gets deleted and not the item as a whole. Since the pointers get deleted, Outlook finds it difficult to locate the item that has been deleted. However, there is a lot of scope for recovery of deleted items on Outlook, provided that you do not compact the contents of the pst file.


Archiving is something that lets you orgnaize a large pst file, by creating new pst files based on your requirement. The Auto Archive feature in Outlook makes sure that the pst file is compressed to the maximum extent possible, and empty disk space is utilized to the maximum. The Archiving can be either done manually by the user, when the pst file has become oversized, or Outlook itself can initiate an archiving task, when it finds that Outlook is slowing down due to a large pst file size. In cases where the archiving process cannot be completed fully due to unexpected power outage, power surge etc, there is every chance of the data present in the pst file getting erased permanently.


Archiving of the pst file reduces the size of the pst file by many megabytes, and increases the throughput of Outlook, since most of the unused Outlook items get erased permanently from Outlook. The problem arises when important and confidential data gets removed permanently from the pst file due to incomplete archiving of the pst file. You can overcome data loss on a pst file, by making use of a powerful pst repair software. Fix PST file MS Outlook lets you repair pst file corrupted due to incomplete archiving with ease. Its easy to use interface guides you through the entire repair process and makes pst repair complete.


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You can follow the steps given below to repair PST file corrupted due to incomplete archiving,


Step 1: Start the Repair Outlook pst application, either by selecting it from the Programs list in the Start Menu or by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. The Main window is displayed with three options i.e., "Open PST File", "Find PST File" and "Select Outlook Profile" as shown in Figure a.


Repair Outlook pst - Start Screen

Figure a : Main Window


Step 2: Select "Open PST File" option if you know the location of the PST file and proceed to Step3. Click "Find PST File" option if you do not know the location of the PST file that is to be repaired and click "Select Outlook Profile" if you want to select the PST file by using the different profiles in Outlook


Step 3: Once you select the "Open PST File" option a new window is displayed, where you have the option to browse and select the PST file to be repaired. Click the "Browse" button, select the PST file of your choice, and then click "Next" as shown in Figure b


Repair Outlook pst - Selection of pst file

Figure b : Select PST File


Step 4: A new window is now displayed, where you have to select the appropriate scanning method and the destination location where you want to save the recovered data. Select "Normal Scan" option and specify the detsination location by using the "Browse" button. Once you finish doing this, click the "Repair" button to proceed with the repair process as shown in Figure c.


Repair Outlook pst - Select Destination drive and Scan method

Figure c : Select Scan Option and Destination Location


Step 5: The software starts to repair the PST file corrupted due to incomplete archiving once you click the "Repair" button, and recovers all the data into a new PST file in the selected destination drive. All the recovered Outlook data is displayed on the main window of the application, as shown in Figure d.


Repair Outlook pst - Outlook data that has been recovered

Figure d : Recovered Outlook Data


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